Ultimate Fantastic Four vol. 1-3

I borrowed these three hardcovers collecting issues #1-32 by various, often excellent, writers from my friend Dan as I figured it wouldn't hurt to revisit the series. I stand by my earlier impressions, but I did find some things I liked. Since these stories are often retakes on the original, early adventures of the foursome who gained incredible elemental-like powers from a scientific accident (I'm not sure how I feel about the experiment being an interdimensional door rather than a space trip), the authors had some intriguing updates. The new Moleman was vastly more interesting and disgusting than the previous one, as was Annihilus--although how that story ended was unforgivable. The introduction of an unstoppable Namor didn't thrill me, but I didn't hate the zombie world story-line(s). There were weaknesses such as an over-dependence on action scenes at the expense of the family dynamic that made the original FF so unique, and the rush to develop the FF's powers. And then there are the things that perpetually bother me: Sue Storm's belly shirts, the ridiculous scientific advances (no, I have no problem with traveling across dimensions, just with time travel), and poor attempts of modernization (hey kid who used to beat up Reed Richards, 50 Cent wasn't around eleven years ago).