Burn, Best Buy, Burn

This is why I hate Best Buy and want all their stores to burn to the ground while their employees are trapped inside. I saw an ad for a television stand and went to purchase it. The store near me didn't carry it, but they called around and found a store that did. That night I checked Best Buy's website to confirm that the sale was still on and that the other store did, indeed, carry the item. I made arrangements for Cory to meet me with his car at the store the next day as it was too far away to carry the disassembled stand home myself. At the store they said they had five of the stands available. I stated that I only wanted one and the employee called for the item to be brought out.  This is when they said they did not have the item but that if I wanted to pay a shipping cost of $70 they would have it. Cut to customer service. After I explained that another store, the company website, and their own records showed that they had the item in question, I asked why I was being told I would have to pay for shipping just to be able to buy the TV stand? Approximately a half hour later this was their deal: The TV stand was not in the store or at a warehouse. They would have to wait until the warehouse had the item until they could bring it back to the store. They would call me when this occurred and then I could request from the Best Buy nearest me that the TV stand be sent from the other store to the one near me, whereupon I could then buy the item without any shipping charge. The next day I checked the website to learn that the sale had ended. To date the Best Buy has not contacted me.