What I did for New Year's

I worked somebody else's party. New Year's always sucks mainly because it is so hyped. You're kind of expected to go to some black tie party where you snort coke off various supermodels' tits while the sprinkler system sprays champagne onto a crowd of hundreds. I can count the number of decent New Year's on one hand and none of them involved supermodels. Perhaps this is why I avoid the whole situation by bartending for a caterer on Long Island. The money's good (people tip better when you give up a holiday for them), I get to goof around with coworkers and guests whom there is little chance I'll ever have to deal with again, and drink other people's booze at the stroke of midnight. Maybe you think that's lame as I'll never be able to say "Wow, I had the greatest time ever", but I also never say "*Sigh*, what a disappointment." Instead, it's always: "What did you do for New Year's?" "I had to work." "Bummer, huh?" Oh, yeah? and what did you do?