Scanning for Cats

I just had a Cat Scan, one of the many and constant medical procedures I consistently go through in the vain attempt to keep myself alive for another day of misery. I never had one before and want to warn others that the procedure, which only take a few minutes, involves (after a 12 hour fast) chugging a liter of banana flavored paste. I then had to wait for an hour to see the technician (typical) while the office TV showed Still Standing and The People Court. I've never seen either, and if you haven't, let me give you a run down: The former is a cliched filled, unfunny sitcom that features the equally cliched fat, stupid, hideous man married to a stunning woman; the latter has an attractive woman impersonating a judge whereby she proceed to scream at people who dare seek justice. I hope my scan results are more favorable than the quality of those shows.