METRO's Personal Career Strategic Plan

I attended METRO's workshop on developing a career strategic plan, by Susan DiMattia, last night. She gave some good advice on how to be prepared for downturns and what steps might help you pull out of them. METRO supposably has many good events like this but I can only go to the free ones. It was also geared as a networking event, which is ironic as just about everyone there was unemployed or about to be. On the plus side I did get to have some nice chats with fellow librarians, but there are also those you realize should be unemployed. M. is a fellow Queens College student that I've had several classes with; you would think she could have the decency to say hello to me. Then there was the woman who was complaining that since she wasn't up to date on new technologies she would never want to follow Ms. DiMattia's advice of acknowledging your shortcomings but turning that admission into a positive by explaining how you are taking steps to fix the deficiency. Lady, if that technology is important to a job the employer is going to ask you if you can handle it. At that point you can lie, admit you suck, or try to put a positive spin on it. Only the first and the last will get you the job. If you chose the first path or somehow get the job without being asked the results will be the same: you'll be fired soon enough. Put a positive spin on it and take a professional development class.