Dissent of Man

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Drawing Board

Concept Similar to my "I'm Pro-Life" comic, this one is less about the punchline (which is admittedly weak) than it is about pointing out the ridiculous position of my opponent. If you've never had to talk to this guy, consider yourself lucky.

Putting it Together I drew this out on a sheet of tracing paper, mainly to try to make sure I got the layout correct. As it turned out, things worked out pretty well the first time. That allowed me to use a lightbox and do the inking phase without actually putting any pencils on the final sheet. Looking back, I would have preferred to have used a thinner pen (this is a "1"; I should have used a "0.5") as I feel that this thicker line loses some of the slickness of the original pencil line. Similarly, the lettering is a bit thicker than I'd like, but overall it was nice to do some hand lettering that doesn't look too bad.

Originally, the guy in the final panel was much more monkey-like. But I decided that it was sufficient to let his weak-ass position speak for itself.

Even if the punchline is weak, I'm very pleased with the title.