The Gift of Giardiasis

Ah, the holiday season is upon us and I already have my gift. It seems I have Giardiasis. What’s that? Well you could click here for an in-depth description, or I could just tell you that it’s an intestinal parasite that I caught through eating/drinking something infected with feces (that’s pooh to you). I’m not sure when I got this microscopic invasion as I’ve suffered from all sorts of stomach ailments for years (feel free to search this blog for tales of everything from bleeding ulcers to e-coli adventures), so any symptoms have been written off as more of the same. It was only caught through my annual upper endoscope, as I like to check yearly to see if I’m dieing. I swear, looking at my medical records you’d think I was the most unhygienic person around. Currently, I’m on a generic form of Flagyl to kill off my little visitors, which has done more to upset my stomach than the disease. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder what plethora of ailments I still have that I’m ignorant of.