A Brief History of the Last 8 Years

A Brief History of the Last 8 Years click to enlarge.

Drawing Board

Concept Anyone paying attention to politics and even slightly left-of-nutso should have no trouble understanding this comic. Those who don't are the ones I'm making fun of.

Of course, as bad as the right wing has been, the "left" probably will play nice. Let me say that I have no trouble with bi-partisanship (pre-Newt Gingrich), but it really irks me that the Dems allows the Republicans to set the agenda even when they (the Dems) hold all the cards.

Layout I was originally planning on more panels, but decided (once again) that less is more. In fact, this comic could probably be distilled down even further, but I'm relatively happy with the current panel count.

Drawing & Inking I tend to draw too big for smaller paper. So I've started using some 14" x 17" Bristol. Still, after I sketched this one out, I realized that the larger paper was probably overkill---especially for  drawing(s) without any backgrounds. On top of that, I got a smooth finish paper, and when I erased my sketch lines after inking (which was done in pen rather than brush), I pulled up a lot of the ink as well. Argh.

Lettering I'm less happy with the lettering. While I love that I'm able to do all the lettering on the computer, I'm getting a little tired of the LetterOMatic! and Arials fonts. Panels 1 and 5 are especially annoying to me. I wasn't sure how to do the "Obama wins" panel in a simple way. My first thought was to be all fancy with balloons and Obama graphics, but I decided that would detract from the point of the joke. Still, my solution seems overly dull.