Beyonce as Wonder Woman...

Again. Beyonce as Wonder Woman...

What the fuck? If Warner Bros. even considers this...after that disaster known as Catwoman...then the movie deserves to go down the shitter and be made fun of by Aaron McGruder! In fact, Warner Bros. should ask McGruder if this is a good idea or not. Yes. Ask him.

I don't mind small changes made to characters. Shit. If Gwen Stacy had been black, I'd be like, whatever. In the case of Catwoman, I didn't even care (for one, Berry is hottt), except for the fact that the movie just sucked. I thought Sharon Stone was becoming Clayface, but no, therefore no redemption for an awful film that strayed from the character's roots in the Batman mythos.

I proudly voted for Obama, who is biracial, not BLACK, as so many people like to say. I'm talking to you, News Media. And if he was second generation off the boat from the heart of Africa black, I'd have voted for him anyway.

Why not pick a fucking Greek actress to play a Greek character? Even the consideration of Beyonce makes me think that WB is going to stray for the origin so much so that the film version of the character won't be recognizable to the comics fans, and we know what happens then.

This sounds like it'll be as good as the rumors of a Flash movie, in which the character doesn't run fast, and do all the cool high speed things most versions of the comics Flash do, but instead travels in a time machine. What...the...Fuck? Here is a character inspired by the Greek God Hermes, and you're gonna stray from that awesome inspiration. Die, you idiots, die. Damn. Make the Flash black. I don't care. Why don't I care? Because his skin color and ethnicity does not in any way play a major part in the fucking origin of the fucking character.