I Wish...

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Happy Hallowed E'en!

Drawing Board

Obviously, this is a fairly simplistic joke. My original intention was to do something more elaborate (realistic tombstone, etc.); but I decided that less was more. So I went with a more New Yorker kind of look...sorta. It had the added benefit of being easier---although I still spent more time on this than it warranted.

Personally, I find this cartoon more disturbing than funny. Although I guess some people could misunderstand the joke (and agree with the epigraph). For me, the joke serves as a memento mori. Believe it or not, one of the catalysts of doing the ArmzRace (for me) was one day I thought, "How many times have I seen this fucking episode of Seinfeld ? Do I really want He saw every episode at least three times on my tombstone?"

I may not be overly happy with my comix output. But I never watched that stupid show again.