Richmond Zine Fest

I'm so glad I happened across some information today while reading the Comics Worth Reading site's RSS feed.

This Saturday happens to be the Richmond Zine Fest. If we have any readers local to the capital of Virginia, this information could have come sooner, but here it is now.

My sources (the show's web site) tell me addmitance is free and that there will be vegan food available for a small fee, as well as free coffee.

I've never been to a Zine specific event before, but this should be fun and cool. I look forward to spending some money and doing some swapping with fellow creators. Of course I will report on my experiences of the event after the fact.

Go, buy, sell, trade, communicate, create, inspire, inform, collaborate, and enjoy.

Gay Community Center of Richmond

1407 Sherwood Ave, Richmond VA 23220