We're Toast

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Drawing Board

Concept This idea (and most of the text) came to me as I was waking up one morning. I wouldn't exactly call it a dream so much as a realization that this woman could actually be president once Geriatric John "I've had four bouts with cancer" McCain finally kicks the bucket---probably twenty minutes after he takes the oath of office. Don't laugh; it's happened before---just ask President Tyler.

It's not sexist to say someone is completely unqualified for the job, but I have no idea why I came up with Toaster as the second choice. I honestly didn't even think of the "we're toast" line until I made this blog post. I mainly just needed a big dumb blunt object to compete with Sarah. I guess a rock seemed a little too formidable.

Putting It Together It's probably obvious that very little drawing went into this comic---it's mostly about the language. So, for reasons of focus (as well as laziness), I chose to go with very simple images.

I grabbed an image of Sarah and a toaster off the internet and modified them slightly so that they wouldn't be copyright infringement. I "drew" McCain and his advisors with the wacom tablet. Actually, I just drew one image and used it for all three. And then I slapped everything together in PhotoShop and Illustrator. It was time-consuming, but not especially difficult.

In the End... I have no idea whether this comic will make sense to anyone. But I'm relatively happy with the outcome, even though the comic looks pretty clunky to me. I was just pleased to find a way to talk about McCain's willingness to destroy America without using a lot of four-letter words. Sometimes indirect insult is better than outright cursing.

UPDATE: While I stand by my comment that we can't say enough about this woman, I took Mark's comments to heart and reduced the cartoon panels/text by 20%.