Winning Strategy

McCain's Message Drawing Board

Concept It seemed to me that McCain started getting some traction in his campaign around the time he stopped harping on experience and started harping on that somewhat ambiguous platform of "change"---Obama's signature slogan.

Putting It Together As is probably obvious, this is largely a PhotoShop job. But it was actually a little more difficult than I thought it would be. In looking for an Obama "change" sign on the internet, I found that this particular sign was not available (or at least I couldn't find it). So in order to get the sign that I wanted, I had to piece together 2 separate images, along with all the requisite color matching and clean-up.

I originally just wrote McCain's name myself, but then I got the wild idea that I might be able to find a copy of his actual signature on the internet---and, assuming it was legible, I could use it. That way I'd be stealing/appropriating from both candidates. I have no idea if what I found is a legitimate McCain autograph, but it looked better than my original, so I decided to use it. Initially, the autograph and the cross-out was in black, but red showed up better.

UPDATE: I incorporated Mark's suggestion of changing the "M" to "Mc"