Politics as Unusual - Researching the Candidates

War! Now that I've gotten your attention with my cheap stunt (just like a politician!) we should think about war, the economy, health care (especially lack of it) and everything else that concerns us as Americans, whether we're Republican, Democrat, or however else one may define themselves in respect to political beliefs.

Why have I titled this post so? Well, many of us blindly go to the polls and vote down the party line. It is unusual for us to conduct any sort of research before heading to the polls. Do we benefit from blind devotion in a party? No.

If we're a Republican, we probably check off all the Republican candidates for any political position for which they're running.

If we're a Democrat, we probably do the same with the democratic prospects.

Do we actually take any time to learn what these individuals are all about. McCain, Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Paul. Who are they? Many of them are already immersed in politics with their voting records trailing behind them as they perhaps espouse one political position and then, dare I say it, flip flop, and change their stance.

Well, how do we know when they are doing so?, you ask. Great question, thank you!

Nearly two years ago I posted about Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. That post contained some website links that were very important to Arizonan voters and American voters in general too. Since we do have an upcoming election there is one website that I want to bring to your attention again.

Project Vote-Smart: non-partisan information on candidates for the whole nation!

Wow! All the information about all of the candidates, presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial, etc. anyone could want.

But we have full-time jobs and children and parents and dogs and cats to take care of. How will we find the time to fully research these potential future Mr. Presidents?

Well, any research you can do, even if five minutes a day,  or once a week is a great start. Build up that knowledge over time so you can make informed decisions come that first Tuesday. Many of us are very busy people, but we usually do what we can to usher in a better present and future for our children, pets, parents, and ourselves.

We all love our hearts, but let's use our heads too.

Start small, but think big, and then live big. It's inside of you all.