Copykat - A Comics Review

I liked Copykat by MK Reed (famous for Cat Fight and other comics) and Laura Tallardy. It's a simple yet enjoyable comic about a recent college graduate who lives with her somewhat reluctant to have her sister in what seems like a two-sizes-too-small Brooklyn apartment. While making copies of her resume she meets the manager of the place, an interesting guy who describes the job as rather hellish. Because she knows some software and keyboard commands, he hires her on the spot.

The interior is B&W with art that sometimes is sort of copy & paste zinelike with photos used for the occasional background setting or object. It features a full color cover, the back cover containing a paper doll with cut-out clothes, if you're into that sort of thing. Order the comic online, as the site boasts, and receive some nifty extra dolls.

This comic came out two years ago and sadly there do not seem to be any further adventures on the horizon, at least from what I can tell on the comic's own website. Preview issue 1 here.