What's the Difference?

democrats and republicans click to enlarge

Drawing Board

Background This is another one that has been sitting on the backburner for years, probably at least since Al Gore's tepid run against Bush.  I think the original idea had me responding to Nader's "What's the difference?" question, and it had lots of little extra text.

In any case, over the years, the idea has distilled down to basically what you see. Unfortunately, it remains as true today as it ever was...prove me wrong, Senator Obama.

Sketch Figuring out how to show spinelessness and soulessness is actually a little difficult to do in a single panel. I kinda always knew that the Republican needed to be casting an evil shadow, but the idea to have him rubbing his hands together gleefully really came at the last minute.

Spinelessness is a different kind of difficult. One thought was to show the Democrat as a blob, but that mainly made him look fat rather than spineless. Another idea was to show him completely bent over backward. That was a little difficult to show without covering up half of his body---unless I showed him in profile, which just seemed strange. Plus the body proportions never quite looked right.

I settled on the rag doll look. I added the floppy arms and legs to enhance the look, even though they wouldn't really be affected by the lack of a spine. Sigh.

Putting it Together Once again, I drew things too big to fit comfortably on a single page. So I inked everything and then scanned it into Photoshop/Illustrator where I evened things up and added the text.

Overall I'm reasonably happy with it although it seems a little light. I would have preferred hand lettering to computer lettering, but I know that I'd have been even more disappointed with my handwriting. Basically, I'm glad I finally finished it. It's been on the backburner too long.