Jack the Lantern: 1492 Free Comic Book Day Edtion - A Comic Review

http://comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/70/39947_20060506212813_large.jpg I got this book on Free Comic Book Day in May 2006 and boy did it disappoint.

I had no idea what it would be about. The first page is completely prose exposition, filling in readers new to the story of Jack the Lantern in on the character's past and current predicaments, and this is so as best I can remember as I could not garner enough patience to finish it. I figured I would move on and read the comic itself, with art on par with some of the stuff Marvel and DC puts out on a weekly basis.

Well, this comic is essentially the same boring exposition put to pictures and not very exciting pictures at that. There are some very cool visuals by artist Jerry Beck, who designs some original looking demons, but the story still feels static as Beck is only part of the team telling this tale. It feels like the writer did not give this guy much to work with, yet he tries.

I don't know if it was writer Michael Angelos' idea to use this particular story for Free Comic Book Day, but my understanding of FCBD is to promote comics by giving them away to bring new readers to the comic shops, yet this story would push me away from comic stores and hardly makes me want to pick up the newest story arc in this trilogy?! There was a previous story arc that did well enough to allow a new series by this guy to come out? What the f---!?

Like Cej, I seriously hate to tear apart anyone's work in this open online forum, but this story really wasn't for me and I would love to hear from people who did enjoy it and most importantly why they enjoyed it. I simply cannot stand poor marketing strategies by someone I would normally want to support even if their work did not come close to thrilling me. Suggestion: in the future, choose your most exciting story/scenes, even if it's a complete reprint and show that to people. What issues got the most positive reader response?

Jack the Lantern reminded me a bit of Ghost Rider, and made me think maybe it could be something more than I've ever seen done with Ghost Rider, but somewhere it loses this potentially interesting bit by being so bland in the context of this story. Maybe the actual series starring Jack are interesting, but it would take a lot of arm twisting to get me to find out. Best of luck guys...