Batman: The Dark Knight

I look at this movie in two parts: Heath Ledger’s Joker and the rest of the movie. Ledger is great; there can be no question on his wonderfully intense acting and bizarre take on an already bizarre and overdone character. Now for the rest. Let’s say I was less impressed. What?! How can you say that!? Well, that fact that actors were simply reciting lines, the first hour should have been no more than half that as we didn’t need that unimpressive trip abroad, scenes were too “clean” and by that I mean even mob scenes didn’t have people shouting over one another, the use of ambiance music was curtailed (something I never thought I’d miss until it was gone) limiting some of the dramatic impacts, the climatic trouble caused by the Joker was reduced to fluff (I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but if Gotham was magnanimous, you wouldn’t need a Batman), the whole end scene between the Joker and Batman was made irrelevant due to the end scene between Batman and Two-Face, and—the most disappointing part—the whole internal struggle of whether-or-not there should be a Batman (save it for Spider-man! Batman BECAME the Batman for a reason, not a whim!). Are those reasons enough? Once the thrill of a new, non-kiddie, film of Batman wears off, and we get over Ledger’s death and thus are able to see the movie as anything more than just his role, perhaps others will agree with my assessment. Probably not.