Awesome Websites for Geeks: Marvel's Archrivals

This is one of my favorite sites this week: Marvel's Archrivals.While searching for images to use to review their books, so the images would link back to their rightful owners, I came across this page. This particular awesome page features comic battles between the Green Behemoth and the mighty thunder god, highlighting the current issue of the new Hulk comic series by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, guessed it, HULK battles THOR!

If you've read my posting regarding editors' notes in The Incredible Hercules 116, you know I love to seek out back issues that will hopefully be cool to read and that add to my geek knowledge of whichever comics universe I'm delving into at the time. This is why this feature on is awesome.

I wish these entries were more thorough, as I've noticed one of my favorite battles between Spider-Man and Venom missing from their Archrivals page. This would be where Eddie Brock shows up at Aunt May's in Amazing Spider-Man 317 and does all sorts of cool things with the symbiote while fighting Spidey, and then Spidey tricks it. I kind of think this is possibly important confrontation.

Also, it might just be me, but why isn't there a page that features links to all these that isn't a search page?

Finally, some comics creators weigh in on their favorite Marvel rivalries.