Praise for The Incredible Hercules 116!

I recently popped a boner while reading this comic. No, it's not because Hercules is so strapping. I even emailed the editors of this book.

Dear Marvelous Editors,

They are back!

Not only is The Incredible Herc my favorite current book at the moment, but in issue 116 I saw no less than three (3) editors' notes referring to previous issues. This is something that I have sorely missed in comics for years. These editors' notes are how I expanded my horizons within both the Marvel and DC universes (and probably Image, Wildstorm, etc. as well). I now want to buy Thor 300, and probably a few earlier issues, so I can read this story about gods and space gods.

If it were no for these notes, I may have never sought back issues. I may never have sought out many of the TPBs that now fill about 24 short boxes. I began reading Marvel books around age 11 (aside from G.I. Joe) in 1992, with X-Men 14 and Amazing Spider-Man 363. These editors' notes are what made me seek out earlier appearances by Carnage/Cletus Cassady, earlier stories with Cable and the X-Men. OK, so Cable and Carnage were two of the biggest things to happen in the 90s bandwagon, but they were effing cool, especially to an 11 year old! I mean, I'm still reading comics today, so something was done right. I've got about 30 long boxes of single issues (many yet unread), but this does not stop me from buying back issues if there is an editors' note telling me exactly where to find a cool story that sounds like an awesome piece of comics history. Whose ideas were the notes? Also, I put editors' instead of editor's, because I don't know how many are responsible for this awesome comeback.

I do also want to mention that Pak and Van Lente are doing an awesome job. I've never enjoyed Herc more, and the mythological stuff and brining in all the gods from various pantheons is awesome, especially after taking a graduate classical Literature course last semester. The excitement and history in this book never stop and what with all the gods, I keep thinking of Earth X and the explanation for the gods and wondering if it's going to tie in. I've got two more current Secret Invasion crossover issues of Herc to read, and I'm about to devour those right now!

Since Incredible Herc seems to be doing so well with fans, how about a printed letters page, like in Amazing Spider-Man? That's another aspect of comics that I miss.