AMY - A MoCCA Comics Review

Jonathan T. Russell's AMY is a story about a single guy who has two weeks to get anxious about meeting a girl who is going to be at a vegan party. Johnny makes comics and t-shirts and wants Aimee to like him. Russell gives readers a glimpse into the mind of Johnny as he neurotically obsesses over his opportunities to make Aimee his girlfriend. Speaking from my own experiences as a comics reading guy who has worked in a comic book store, I think this comic hits the nail on the head for capturing the details of attempted dating for many of us awkward, woman-hungry folk. This may apply to women as well, but what do I know about that? Because  of the familiarity that hits home for me, it makes me not like this comic, but recently a friend and comics reader said that this is what makes it a good comic, because it makes me feel something. I'm still a bit out on that one, but I suspect he might be right. Jonathan T. Russel can be reached at severedjon (at)