Mark's Life as Literature

mark martyr click to enlarge

Yes, another year has come and gone. Happy birthday, Markie!

Drawing Board

Concept Obviously, was inspired by the need to do something for Mark's birthday as well as his excellent cartoon series, My Life as Literature; oh and the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, too, but let's stay focused on what's important.

I wanted to give it a bit of a feel of Medieval texts (hence the initial part of the title) as well as some Medieval art (hence the pseudo-triptych and the faux landscape).

Layout Lately I've been doing a lot of layout work in Photoshop, but I decided that it would be nice to have an actual piece of paper that I could give Mark. So, except for the word balloons, this is all sketched out on a single sheet of Bristol. I even wanted to do the lettering on the page as well, but as you can see from what lettering I did do, I probably made the right choice. I originally had additional text that made even more fun of poor Mark, but the image was getting pretty cluttered. I almost dropped the first guard's balloon, since it doesn't really flow well, and probably only Mark will appreciate it.

Inking Lately I've mostly been using a brush, but this comic had so much small detail that I decided to use a pen instead. The large black areas were filled in using Photoshop.

Crap. I just noticed a typo in the comic. Guess I'll clean that up later....