The Berest Dance Center Presents the June Showcase

Last week I went to the Schreiber High School to see my three nieces (ages 7, 7, and 9) perform their adorable hearts out on stage (yes, it takes me that long to post). I love my nieces and enjoyed watching their triumphs as well as the little mistakes they make (isn’t it funny how intolerant I am of adult mistakes?). Interestingly, the show didn’t simply have children performing. Graduating HS seniors danced as well as other grade levels. While it is easy to know how to react to children: “awe, how cute” or to the seniors: “oh, how graceful”, the trouble—and this is the interesting part I promised—occurred when some girls ranging probably from 16-17 did a very hot hip-hop number. Now I may know how I wanted to react to this jailbait extravaganza, but the audience was filled with the parents and neighbors of these tank-top sporting, T and A shaking women (what do they put in the milk these days?) and they seemed a tad uncomfortable at the extremely well done dances. Before you ask, no, I only have pictures of my nieces, and no you can’t have those either.