Teenagers from Mars – Rick Spears and Rob G

Dead West seems to be the throw away comic for Spears and Goodridge (What? You think G is an actual last name?) as they start to shine with this collection. It focuses on Macon, the incredibly geeky—yet somehow super-cool—comic and zombie dork (he seems to belong to a secret zombie-fan cabal but that’s ignored) who hooks up with every punk’s dream girl, Madison. After Bacon’s graffiti vengeance on his old employer bites him on the ass, he, and his homemade comic book, become public enemy number one. There’s lots to love here: the characters aren’t bad, there are nice references to the war again comics that started in the 50s and never fully stopped, parallels between authority figures and zombies (These two have zombies on the brain!), but there are times where the blending of real world and comic book magic doesn’t always work or is simply unnecessary (see that comment about the zombie cabal and a magic bullet that may or may not ever be brought up again).