Fantastic Four: The End - A Comic Trade Paperback Review I was pleasantly surprised by this book, which depicts a future where many of our heroes have retired as human integration into the intergalactic community slowly commences as the solar system is in quarantine and many villains have taken up residence on various interplanetary colonies within the System Sol.

The four have gone their separate ways, as usual, some to happier situations, others vehemently to solitary missions, whether necessary or not.

Writer/penciler Alan Davis' art is spectacular in most instances. I've never been a great fan of his style, as looking at costumes in this story remind me of costumes he used to draw ten and twenty years ago look essentially the same (apparently the future holds tights for everyone). While there may not be very discernible evolution of his style, Davis is able to capture the beauty and grand scope of the spaces that his story encompasses where the Earth and its orbit is the stage for the next pan-universal battle.

This book read fairly quickly and could have taken two more issues to flesh out, though that may have ruined the pacing. Besides, it may be my lack of F4 knowledge that is to blame during those couple of instances where I wondered if it was old continuity I'm supposed to be familiar with, or simply poor explanation on the part of the writer. Still, Davis pulls the threads together rather well in the end.

Will the scattered four reunite to face the greatest threat Earth has faced in decades? How will the coming of the world-devouring Galactus be dealt with? Is this really the end for Marvel's first family?

My predictions of "the end" did not hold, but perhaps you can guess what will happen better than I...

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