Hellboy II: The Golden Army

That’s right, I saw it two weeks before you could; granted I waited an hour on a block long line and still had to sit in that lame front row, but I saw it! Hellboy returns (minus the annoying human sidekick) to defend the world again an attack by an evil elf (you heard me) and his army of indestructible warriors made of gold. There were great special effects, good fight scenes, and fine humor, but the problem was that Hellboy never did anything, he simply reacted. The bad guys killed a group of people! Well, I guess we better check out the scene. The villains might be somewhere? I suppose we could take a look round. Now what? Let’s go home and sit around until something else happens. And while the plot’s resolution was obvious to a blind man, the last scene couldn’t have been predicted because it was out of nowhere. At least I got to see it early and for free. Thanks to my friend Mark who made this happen.