Alias Vol. 1-4: Alias, Come Home, The Underneath, & The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones - Brian Michael Bendis

I didn’t bother reading these comics of Cej’s for the longest time because I though they were an adaptation of the TV series. I’m very glad I was wrong. Bendis introduces us to former superhero Jessica Jones who is now a bitter, self-destructive, private investigator with a good heart, a sharp mind, and even a few old connections to the costumed world. While I found too many of the annoying styles that helped make the author a big name, such as constantly having characters repeating what they say to each other and pretending it’s realistic dialog, the two page spread wherein one character speaks throughout while an unchanging picture of the listener floats above, and—most hated—the transcript of dialog superimposed over pictures, Bendis’ true value as an artist was also equally evident in the intense depth of characters and gripping plots that don’t—shocking as it is—revolve around the destruction of the universe. If Powers was a faction as good I wouldn’t have thrown away the couple of issues I was given.