Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia - A Comic Review

http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/Wonderwoman_Hiketeia-01.jpg Normally I love anything written by Greg Rucka, but I found this story a little too simplistic for my tastes, and the Batman versus Wonder Woman confrontation did not have the emotional impact I expected. Maybe the cover gives it away, or maybe the fight just wasn't that good. I'd been looking forward to reading this for years-too bad. I've read most of Rucka's Batman stuff, all of the ongoing Wonder Woman comics he wrote, and Hiketeia does not do justice to Rucka's abilities to write these two DC classics. It's not that he doesn't "get" the characters, it's that the story is lacking in complexity I find in his other work. Hiketeia is basic: Batman is unrelenting in standing behind his ideals. Wonder Woman is unrelenting in standing behind her ideals. They clash. It should have been better. Now I think I'll go read Orestes again.