All I Really Need To Know

all I need to know I learned from W

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Concept: Obviously, this one was inspired by the Robert Fulgum essay "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." That little write-up has spawned numerous spoofs, and I wanted to get on the bandwagon. This comic had been kicking around in my head for awhile, and I figured I'd better get it finished as the Bush clock is (thankfully) running down.

Layout: I wanted to mimic some of the posters that I had seen of "All I Really..." but add some funny pictures to it. My orginal intention was to have a picture for each of the rules, but it was getting pretty cluttered. Not only did more pictures make some of the wording difficult to read, but some of the images didn't really seem to add a whole lot (of course that problem could be my lack of imagination).

Lettering: Even though this comic is computer-lettered, I'm not real happy with the lettering. I suck at picking fonts, and this is a fairly non-inspired set of fonts. I was hoping to find something more poster-y.

Putting it Together: I sketched out the primary images in my sketchbook. Once I had them where I wanted them, I traced them onto bristol board and inked them with a brush (except for some of the text where I used a pen). Then most of the work took place in Photoshop and Illustrator as I created the layout and moved images and text around until it looked "right."

My original layout was much more cluttered. I had more (and longer) rules, more images, and more text on the images (several of them had word ballons), and use of the letter "W" all over the page as a way to separate images and text. So this comic largely became an exercise in paring things down. I got rid of the Ws---seemed okay. I removed word balloons---not too much was lost. I shortened and deleted some rules---still not too much was lost. And I dropped some images. While I hated to get rid of anything, I really do think that simpler was better.

Later: I may still go back and change some fonts (if I can find better ones), and I may try to make it look more professional overall. Or more likely, I'll decide that I got this out of my system and, like GWB, put it behind me.