The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Animated Series

What?! Not another lame attempt to make a television version of everyone’s favorite wall crawling vigilante! Ah, but this one is different as it doesn’t suck. Much like the thought behind the Ultimate series, the cartoon is resetting the Spider-Man story in the modern world, only they largely stick to the original visuals of the rogues gallery (i.e. The Green Goblin is a guy in a mask and not a mutant monstrosity). There are plenty of changes to the characters (most of which I'm fine with except for Kraven, and the idea that half the gorgeous women in the show fall for our nerd hero) and history of Peter Parker and his radioactive spider bitten alter ego, and it is geared towards kids, but I am absolutely enamored by the manga inspired images and fun story lines (even the names of episodes are thought out and incredibly clever), as opposed to the heinous CGI MTV version or the ADD series wherein any pause over one second was heresy or the replacement and incredibly and inexplicably doing well Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon/toy commercial. A truly great series that was suppose to last for a few years and yet ended after two (with a very rushed ending)--for whatever the reason, there can be no justification for cutting short such a, well, spectacular show.