Red Eye, Black Eye – K. Thor Jensen

I met Jensen for all of two seconds before he took part in a panel at an unfortunately pathetic comic expo, and he was the only one on it that had anything to say. When I wrote up the event for a blog post, Jensen, who has a RSS feed set for his name, actually commented on it. While I still think panelists have to be better prepared for anything they are invited to, I both respected his argument that there was little way to know what to expect at such an event, and, more to the point, his willingness to engage a lowly blogger. It is for that reason that I felt I should read his comic.The best part of this black and white autobiographical tale of traveling around the country attempting to find…answers? meaning? something! was the three-page opening wherein Jensen stands silently as his entire world fell apart around him. It sets the mood for the rest of the book as Jensen hops from place to place, staying at people’s homes that he only knew via the Internet. Neither the author nor the reader ever finds any real answers (which can be annoying), but that’s the point. In a world where your life can change overnight, it’s important to look to the simple pleasures that occasionally arise.