I left my apartment on the evening of the 2000 Presidential Election only after CNN declared a winner. When I return home from a night out with friends, the situation had changed. “Ug,” I thought, “how long is this going to take.” I never imagined what would then occur. Years later, watching this HBO, left of center movie, with a strong cast (kudos for finding so many actors who match the real life characters) about those events taught me nothing new. It did, however, remind me of a few things like—in my personal experience—Republicans are often shady, Democrats are often wishy-washy, and that if you take any election in American history and place it under the microscope, you’ll find a ton of problems. The difference is that this time the stakes might have been higher than most. As we honor our dead this Memorial Day, perhaps we should reflect on that. Of course, depending on political leanings, that statement will mean different things to different people.