Star Wars: Legacy (2006) #1 - A Comic Review

Star Wars: Legacy #1 Comic Book What happens 125 years after The Battle of Yavin? Or is it the Battle of Endor? Both of these are claimed as the starting point, yet...

About 100 years after the events of the "New Jedi Order" series of novels (and only one comic series) The Empire has retaken Coruscant with the help of their Sith allies. All the Sith look badass of course, with their red and black tattoos that somehow Tyranus (Dooku) and Vader managed to avoid. The Galactic Alliance is broken and the Jedi are fleeing across the galaxy from the wrath of the Sith, who, by the end of the issue, take over the Empire. The descendants of Luke Skywalker are Jedi, and the father and son Skywalkers of this era are split up, the father killed, and the son seemingly killed while embracing the Dark Side. And the Empire has the stupidest looking TIE Fighters.

I know Star Wars vehicles are not real and most of them exist to look cool and not functional, but damn, these things look good for hitting with badminton rackets. Launch shuttlecocks!

Should I come across the first Trade Paperback collection at a low price, or in a swap, I shall give the series a chance, but this story hardly got me excited, seeing old status quos reachieved and having no care for who lives or dies. This must be one of Lucas' ideas.

At a time when I'm getting back into the Star Wars expanded universe, this comic is otherwise going right off the radar for me, despite the sexy red hued Twi'lek Sith. I am a total geek and proud of it.

This is what Free Comic Book Day is all about. My local Hastings celebrated FCBD, not with the specified FCBD comics that they would have to buy, but with old stock from months, and even years ago. Should you want this comic, the actual one I read, it will be in the first floor hall of the Liberal Arts building on one of the freebie tables.