Flash (2007) #13 - A Comic Review

Here's my insomniac review. It's not even that late, but I am trying to sleep, so for my efforts I'll label myself an insomniac, and hey, this review is a year late, but blame that on the comics industry and their high prices. And their occasional misfortune of asking some "established" writer to begin writing comics and making a favorite character into crap. So here goes (SPOILER WARNING):

In this issue, Bart Allen, the Flash, since the second (Barry Allen) and third (Wally West) Flashes are dead, tries to change history, or at least what will be history somewhere around the year 3,000. His aunt Iris, or crap, no it's Grandma Iris tells him that he is going to die by such and such means, some huge machine, and by such and such villains (Am I even remembering right, when I've only read this 40 minutes ago?).

So Bart races (sans super speed) to distract his Rogues gallery while some woman, whom I guess he was dating, reverses the effects of some giant machine that the anti-Flash known as Inertia built to rid the world of the Speed Force, the supernatural, or superscientific force that gives these speedsters their powers. Bart gets his ass kicked, blasted by all his energy projecting enemies, and dies as the reader learns that the machine is fixed and the Speed Force is free, but not working right, as I guess it should have allowed Bart to use it to power his super-metabolism, or whatever it takes to heal his deadly wounds. Bart Dies. Robin (the third one, since the first grew up and the second died, yet came back-shit!) cries. The original Flash with the cool Hermes helmet cries, or at least some blond superheroine in his arms does. The people of whatever city this flash was in, Keystone I think, erect a statue for the dead Flash. Oh yeah, and earlier he gave the choke hold to his own grandmother. THE END

I felt no emotional response to this death. I think I had more of a reaction when Deathstroke shot him in the kneecaps or something. Oh well, we can't all shoot the guy in the knees, so we might as well kill him. Does this mean Wally is back as the Flash? Only time will tell (ha ha-There is probably an answer since this issue likely came out about a year ago-August 2007 publication date).

The art by Tony Daniel and Art Thibert was okay, but the writer is Mark Guggenheim, who wrote the "Civil War" issues of Wolverine, which I thought were pretty cool except for the fact that he ridiculously had Wolverine regenerate from a few drops of blood, or some brain matter that didn't get burnt away inside his adamantium skull/skeleton. That was some dumb shit. Sorry Mark, but Guggenheim can make me angry and then, being a New Yorker, I must swear. Being in a town without a comic book store, I don't really know what's going on in the world of comics, so I wonder if this "death issue" was advertised as such and if anyone gave a shit or two. Oh yeah, and I think Marvel had him write some "explanation" issue of Wolverine, because yeah, that was really stupid.

This is what Free Comic Book Day is all about. My local Hastings celebrated FCBD, not with the specified FCBD comics that they would have to buy, but with old stock from months, and even years ago. Should I have the energy, I'll review Star Wars: Legacy #1, which I realized I had read when it came out. It was that memorable... Should you want this comic, the actual one I read, it will be in the first floor hall of the Liberal Arts building on one of the freebie tables.