So much Anime, so little time.

In a vain attempt to make myself slightly appealing to Anime fans (read: girls) by having something, anything to say on the topic I picked up a few DVDs at the library. First I tried Samurai X about a young warrior in Meiji Japan who uses his sword to kill evil men; unfortunately he discovers that the world is a complicated place after falling for the fiancé of a man he murdered. It was too melodramatic for me and, since the first DVD was a complete story, I gave up on that title.Next I tried Noir who is the world’s greatest assassin and/or a cute little Japanese schoolgirl. She teams up with an older, blonder assassin in order to find out the truth, travel the world, and kill a bunch of people. It has a truly awesome soundtrack that mixes church and techno music, and the plot’s mysteries were getting larger and stranger, but it still wasn’t enough to keep me watching the tale of the girl who claims to feels nothing while crying about it. The only Anime that actually caught my attention to watch in its entirety (and hey, let’s face it, after Robotech, Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop I’m demanding (I’m I suppose to be satisfied with Prince of Tennis? Prince of Tennis?!)) was Last Exile. I’m not even sure how to describe this show, which was both visually stunning in its world of airships and feuding aristocratic societies and utterly confusing with its back story of a mysterious ship called Exile and an alien race of technologically advanced elves or something. Perhaps because it’s so difficult to grasp in just a few episodes coupled with a variety of characters with distinct personalities and agendas that I was so drawn to it. To sum up, the show was “new” to me, and that’s what made me watch it. You might ask why I don’t simply look at various reviews in order to help me find my way through the plethora of titles. That implies that taste isn’t subjective. What I need is to find a critic who has similar taste as mine. Actually, that's one of the reasons I write all these posts. There’s always the chance that someone has similar opinions to mine and this blog will help that individual weed through the garbage simply because I might have done it first.