Spider-Man 3

Yes, I saw it; got it from the library so I wouldn’t have to pay for something I dreaded to watch, and yet, I actually liked it. Wait, I didn’t say it was a good movie—I mean it took an hour before it actually started—but for the last of a series wherein they were going to drown us in villains and have personal conflict and have a ton of characters, well, I felt they did an OK job. They attempted to give the Sandman a sympathetic side, to flesh out Mary Jane, to give Venom motivation, etc., etc. and while it didn’t always work I was shocked they even tried. But not as much as I was that no one was happy at the end of the movie! This was the last Spider-Man movie (at least for these actors) and they ended it on a downer. I don’t want to be the spoiler by going through just how miserable all the characters end up—even if there are signs of hope—although I will say that the only one my heart truly cries out for is Olga. Who? That’s right, Olga, Parker’s drop-dead gorgeous neighbor / daughter of his landlord who for two films now has always been there for Peter when he’s down and out and she gets treated like trash. I’ll be your superhero, darling; you won’t even have to bake me anything. Anyway, this was the boldest thing Marvel has done in ... well,  at least a generation.