A Visit From the Notorious C.E.J

For those out of the loop, Cej came to NYC for a brief visit the other day (just after his wife had visited). It’s been about two years since we’ve actually seen each other and it was good to hang, even for a little while. In order to make the most of our time together we proceeded to waste it by wondering around comic book shops and gaming/drinking with various friends of mine.But we didn’t totally kill time, we also did the tourist thing by going to the UN and viewing the “Cartoon Art for World Peace” exhibit. There was certainly a lot of great and poignant political cartoons, but I found it odd that Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Iran were so heavily represented in the winning circle, while there wasn’t a single one from the US. Do we really lack political cartoonists? In order to feel that American artists still had something to offer, we also went to the Society of Illustrator’s 50th Annual Exhibition. Granted, these weren’t political in nature, often just exceptional artwork created for a specific client (usually a theater). I was annoyed by the lack of detail on the art medium, which usually defaulted to “mixed media.” The Society’s headquarters is totally sweet made all the more awesome by the gorgeous, dreadlocked, woman reading Hemingway and sunning herself on the rooftop porch. Whoever you are: I love you. Since Cej equates NYC with comedy—maybe because he's always laughing at me—we went to a comedy show at the Comedy Cellar. We were impressed that for ten bucks (plus two drinks each) we got over four hours of comedy. Sure some of the comedians were better then others—in fact the last two were a complete waste of time—but most of them I had heard of (I watch too much Comedy Central) and they were largely enjoyably as they tested out new material while throwing in some old routines. Thanks for coming by Jarzombeks, and I hope to see you both again soon. Maybe next time you can be here together and for more than a few days each.