Foot in Mouth Disease

The idea of “six degrees of separation” is that everyone is connected within six people regardless of who and where you are. The situation I keep running into is two fold. First of all, everyone I seem to meet is somehow connected to other people/parts of my life by an incestuous two or three degree of separation. Secondly, everything I say or do has a tendency to come back and bite me on the ass. In the last few months I’ve found that if I meet someone at a conference, they volunteered for an organization I quit; a friend from school dated someone who works with friends of an ex; a girl I date has family in the same profession I’m looking to find work in; or a colleague’s random hook up is a friend/relative. This may not seem so bad, but it can get hairy when you are as vocal and as trouble prone as myself. Granted, I invite much of this by my generally tactless blogging; however, I’m not sure what I can do. How should I write my review of a book I didn’t like, even if the author knows my girlfriend? To what degree am I truthful about a friend’s performance in a show? What do I say when I run into the organizer of an event after I plainly stated on-line that it was deplorable? These are typical situations that I’ve encountered. In the end, I feel I must remain true on this blog to what I actually felt and thought, even if it might piss someone off. I try to never get personal and to remark on positive as often as negatives, and if I’ve failed in these respects I apologize. Then again, if you writers, actors, directors, artists, and organizations earned you keep I wouldn’t have to complain so much. I’m looking at you, Mom!