How Mark! Ruined the Armzrace Blog

What the hell is wrong with Mark! He's a f$*king computer retard. Do I go around messing up the blog, because I can't post a friggin' image? No. I swear. He's like some awful Jinx released from Pandora's box, which, I might add, he tried to f*$k once. The licentious bastard will take a poke and a wank at anything. Look at any of his mini-comix. The things are filled with all of that awful Mark! behavior.

You know why he devoured that cotton candy so quickly in that video a few posts ago? Because it was pink. Need I say more?

Comics are for kids? Not in this blog. Not with the stuff Mark! posts. I swear he should be drawn and quartered, but that wouldn't stop him, so we might as well give up.

Mark!...and his high jinks are eternal.