New Year's Resolution 2.5 Months Late

For a New Year’s resolution I thought I'd contact you happy few as a reminder of all the great stuff I've posted on the armzrace blog (along with some other people, but they're not as pretty as I am). That obviously didn't work out. Then I thought I'd do it at the beginning of February, which quickly became the start of March. So now it's the middle of March, but that's all the more reason to go to the blog and check out the excitement of my so-called life in big, bad NYC. Read all about my war with Tyra Banks, predictions of the apocalypse, my skin cancer causing vacation, various rants about movies, books, and show—TV, theater, and otherwise—that you should avoid, and many, many other fascinating things. Ok, I can't even type that with a straight face; however, I'll make a deal. You go to the blog, scroll around a few pages and read some news and reviews, and I promise that I will post a new cartoon ever day for the rest of the month! (Wasn’t that the original point of this blog? To post comics?) In fact, if I don't, for every day I miss posting a comic, I will personally slaughter a baby seal. It's a win-win situation. Take a look, sign up for RSS feed, leave some comments, even link your blog to the AR. Or simply yell at me for bugging you.