Project Cicero – The Vetting/Shipping Time

I had worked for Project Cicero before; during a bake/book sale I had sold some of my comics and given them the cash (don’t spend that fiver all in one place). But I never helped them sorts through the many donated books for under funded NYC schools in order to discard the useless ones and make sure the rest got to their proper place. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for sifting through literally thousands of titles at a breakneck pace, packing them into the proper boxes, and then help move them off to the holding area. The closest I ever came to this was when Cej and I worked for the American Association for the Advancement of Science and sent books to Africa, and, trust me, while we worked hard, we didn’t exactly rush. Sure, I was told there would be food, but the half sandwich didn’t quite cut it for me as I sweated ever last nutrient from my body. Still, it was for a good cause and I got to hang out with my friends Ingrid and Dahlia and met the super-awesome Sarah.