Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 2

Yes, I should be studying for my upcoming test, but this cartoon about the last Avatar (someone who can harness the power of all elements) and his quest to save the world from the madness of the Fire Nation is one of the best shows on television—animated or otherwise—and I couldn’t resist. When we last saw Aang and his Water Tribe buddies, Katara and Sokka, they were well on the way to helping the last Airbender master the elements so he could best the Fire Lord (assuming that the exiled, bitter Prince Zuko and his hilarious, and shockingly butt-kicking, Uncle Iroh didn’t catch him first). This season continues with the character depth, intriguing plot, and humor that makes this “children’s show” a powerhouse, yet the lightheartedness of Book 1 is quickly supplanted by darker themes. While Sukka grows into himself and becomes more than comic relief and Aang recruits Toph, probably the most powerful Earthbender ever—not bad for a blind girl—, Zuko becomes more disturbed, yet seems stable compared to his sociopath sister Azula, and more and more episodes deal with betrayal and machinations and end with setbacks if not outright defeats for our heroes.51pumvfseul_aa240_.jpg