Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus vol. 1

Long before I ever watched the show I heard of the comic from a presenter (Frenchman, I think) at a Popular Culture Association. He had some positive things to report, but I had little idea what he was referring to. Now, after seeing the entire series, I read this first collection—which isn’t season eight, the TV show in comic form. The stories by various artists weren’t bad, simply not great. I wasn’t thrilled by Slayer, Interrupted (the name from Girl, Interrupted) mainly because the show had a similar Buffy in psycho ward wondering if she’s sane. Maybe this one came first—honestly, I don’t care enough to check—it’s just hard to deal with the same old, same old. I do have to praise Viva Las Buffy, if not for the action, which wasn’t great, then for the chance to say good-bye to Pike—That’s right, Pike!—in a way that turned him into a real person the way the movie never did and the show avoided.218ubuudzpl_sh30_ou01_aa115_.jpg