Tin Man

I’m not sure I “get” the sci-fi channel. They produce epic works like Battlestar and nonsense like Dagon. I’ve avoided bloging Tin Man as, after six hours of what could have been awesome, I was sad and confused. Not since Wicked has there been such a revision of The Wizard of Oz. DG (Dorothy Gale) finds herself in a terror filled world called The Outer Zone (Oz), teams up with Glitch who is a man missing his brain, a half human half animal called Raw who has to balance his pacifist nature with the willingness to act, and the stereotype reluctant hero (i.e. he doesn’t seem to have a heart) stupidly named Cain who was once a cop—know in the O.Z. as a Tin Man. Together they have to save the world from an evil witch. Don’t worry; there are plenty of others like a dog, wizard, etc. This show must have sounded great when pitched, but I’m not convinced they ever hired anyone to write—or more to the pint: rewrite—the script. Even worse was the acting. Kathleen Robertson may be a gorgeous wicked witch, but her only talent is to have breast so awesome that flying monkeys shoot out of her cleavage. Worse still was Zooey Deschanel who is cute, but couldn’t convince a coroner that she was alive. Where did she get acting lessons? Hugh Grant? Grant: “No, no, Zooey, blinking repeatedly is my thing. If you want to show any emotion simply open your eyes slightly wider.” Many of the titles mentioned have blogs entries, so use the search feature on the right to learn more.