Ultimates: Super-Human vol. 1 – Mark Millar

I’ve had problems with Millar’s work, but I got this from Sequential Swap and really enjoyed it. This first volume of the revamped Avengers title (all Ultimates are revamped titles) has the one-eyed Nick Fury, formerly of the Howling Commandos, assemble millionaire playboy Iron Man, scientist Giant-man/Ant-man, his equally brilliant wife Wasp (guess what their powers are), the hippie Norse god Thor, and the recently returned from the dead Captain America. Did I mention the super strong Hulk is involved as well? Millar focuses on the characters, rather than non-stop action, and does a decent job of it. There are—of course—little things that bothered me, such as the big deal Fury made about having ever aspect of the group’s lives monitored, yet seems unable to guard Cap’s apartment from street punks or monitor the incredibly unstable and dangerous Bruce Banner A.K.A the Hulk. While I didn’t see much of it in this collection, Cej informs me that Millar, in an attempt to make the characters more interesting, eventually turns them all into complete jerks. I understand wanting your characters to be deep, but who wants to cheer for a group of obnoxious heroes?