Ratman v. Republican-all-Ghoul

This one was "completed" 6 months ago, but I always intended to touch it up a bit based on ArmzRace members' input. So here's the final version. Looking back at it, I think the primary problem with it is the set-up: if you aren't familiar with Batman Begins (or even seen it recently), you probably won't understand the motivation* of Ras-al-Gul (here Republican-all-Ghoul). The final panel is kinda unclear too.

And the middle could use some work.

But other than that....Oh well...

Click to enlarge.

*He wants to destroy the city because it's a symbol of failure; but he seems to forget that it was his people who were doing things to make it fail. His logic makes no sense; and it sounds very similar to Republican rhetoric to me, hence this comic response.