Green Arrow: City Walls, Moving Targets, & Heading Into The Light – Judd Winick

As a side note to the DC editorial staff, don’t you think it’s time to get a consistent artist on this title? Ok, it isn’t that I didn’t like City Walls, but why exactly is the modern Robin Hood fighting the Riddler? Still, that’s nothing compared to having him deal with the city being hermetically sealed (see The Simpsons Movie) and an army of wingless Balrogs that will kill anyone who commits any crime or act of violence (except when they don’t; DC editors, that’s you again). Moving Target is larger and has a lot more going on including the take over of the city’s crime syndicate by someone indestructible called Brick (I didn’t care much for that) and the return of Drakon (I REALLY don’t care for him). There was a fun bit when the Duke of Oil shows up (Duke of Oil!?). And finally we get to Heading Into The Light with another complex plot of guest stars and villains which includes a show down with the revamped Dr. Light—still angry over Identity Crisis—who has teamed up with some Flash villains and an archer (Green Arrow fight another archer? Go on.) who is able to pull off what al-Qaeda dreams about. I want to like this title, but Winick is trying so hard to impress that the reader is being bombarded with a plethora of plots and characters at the expense of the truly great story which I’m sure Winick can present.