Serenity: Those Left Behind - Joss Whedon

Apparently I forgot to ‘blog my opinions on the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity, which is odd because this is my favorite (and unjustly the shortest) of Whedon’s works. Think of Firefly as a western in space. A few kind-hearted renegades from the losing side of a interplanetary civil war and their friends (and an enemy of sorts) turn to smuggling to make a living and take on a companion (a mix between nobility and call-girl), a priest with a past, and a doctor and his sister (well, they take the brother who has, in turn, smuggled his fugitive/genetic experiment sister on board). Together they attempt to survive, avoid the clutches of the authorities, and steer clear of the insane Reavers. This comic is the bridge between the end of the TV series and the movie, giving insight into why our little family wasn’t just that when the movie begins. I enjoyed the comic, but it actually wasn’t necessary as the movie stands for itself regardless of if you read this comic or even have seen the TV show.