Eternals - Neil Gaiman

Here’s a really great idea: take a discarded comic about immortal super-beings sworn to protect the earth, turn it over to a popular writer and artist (John Romita Jr) and have them revamp it focusing on character development (what’s it like to be involved in shaping civilizations, especially when neither you nor anybody else remembers it happening?) and stopping the annihilation of the planet. Unfortunately, Gaiman makes the mistake of grounding the Eternals too much in the current Marvel universe. Having the story take place during Civil War might give context, but quickly makes the tale obsolete. Besides, do you need to ground the story? The Eternals are outside the regular happening of Marvel, something Gaiman points out. Just ask them where they were when Gwen Stacy was killed or Galactus tried to eat the planet. Also, Gaiman relied too heavily on Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulhu.” Tell me he wasn’t paraphrasing lines! I guess not all great ideas are home runs.