Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality - Brian Azzarello

For those of you who don’t know (and I think that would be most), Doctor 13 is a DC comics character who goes around debunking the supernatural. Not an easy job in a universe with Superman, Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman, etc. Our good Doctor and a cast of other relatively unknown DC oddities embark on a quest to understand the workings behind the DC universe (and, in 13’s case, debunk it). This is a comic that needed to be written and I’m glad it was, as something needed to be done with those not included in a traditional DC crises, but should be dealt with for the sake of continuity if not because many of them are really fun. I’m not sure why I didn’t care much for it. Maybe I wanted too much from the story. Maybe it just disappoints me that such revisions are constantly needed in comics despite the control DC and Marvel have over their various characters and stories.